Connecting Points

Connecting Points for August 7, 2022

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Welcome to Arab First UMC!
Diane Wharton joined our church on Sunday, July 31. 
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Wednesday Nights Start Back August 17!
Dinner - 5PM
Small Groups - 6PM


Do you have a prayer request? Call the church office at 256-586-5792 or go to

For Those Who Need God (John 3:3, 16-17) See resources on 

For Those Who Need Health & Healing (Psalm 103:2-5; 1 Peter 2:24)
Donna Androvett, Nancy Barker, Lesa Bellin, Randall Birdsong, Janet Calhoun, Peggy Cole, Andy Conkling, Steve Craft, Patrick Davis, Joyce DeWeerth, Jean Ecker, Jan Falkner, Jim Fredette, SRO Greg Garner, Junior & Peggy Grace, Barbara Herrmann, Bill Hill, Dennis Hilty, Barbara & Max Hyatt, Tim Hyatt, Stephanie Jennings, Gail Lueker, Lee Mazur, Chase McMahan, Cherie McNeal, Steven McNeal, Dianne Prestridge, Sally Reed, Billie Robertson, Jimmy Rogers, Robert Scott, Cheryl Slack-Broadman, Leigh Smith, Nick Stams, Heather Stewart, Dian Taylor, Earl Taylor, Linda Thompson, Lou Tremblay, Lucy Trousdale, Lisa Vickers, Donnie Walker, Chris Watts, Lisa Whitlock
Please remember all of our homebound members in prayer.

For Every Member To Be In Ministry (Matthew 9:38)
Aug 8     Jude McDonald, Annette Simmons
Aug 9     April Sanford, Jackson Wynn Garthwaite
Aug 10   Kathy Handle, Corey Williams
Aug 11   Nathan Clark, Joseph Sanford, John Walker Quillin
Aug 12   Lois O’Dell, Frank Clark
Aug 7     Clayton & Laura Liebner, Mike & Lisa Whitlock
Aug 8     Andrew & Emily Liebner
Aug 10   Jeff & Vicki Hestley
In memory of Richard Carlisle
By: His Family
Giving, Worship & Small Group Attendance for Week – July 31
Worship In-person – 181 & Online/Radio – 89  
General Fund       
Received        $ 7,257.83          
Year to Date   $ 323,002.21     

Building Fund
Received        $ 1,807.46
Year to Date   $ 33,866.25  
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Arab First United Methodist Church
PO Box 470
1058 North Main Street
Arab, AL 35016