Connecting Points

Connecting Points

January 2, 2022

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Words of Life for Your Life in 2022! You are invited to join in a Bible Reading plan in 2022 that will be Life, Light, Love, & Liberty for your life.  Below are several options for getting into Word for your life:

1.  Read through the Bible in 2022 in this Five-Day-A-Week plan.  The plan will be printed and provided in the worship bulletins the first couple of Sundays of the year, and will be available in the Resource Racks all year.  You may also download and print and/or save the reading plan at:

2.  The Upper Room devotional: Another plan is to read the Scripture and devotion and daily prayer from The Upper Room Daily Devotional.  These are provided in print in regular and large print every two months for you to pick up at the church at the entrances to the Sanctuary until they are all taken.  Get one and give one to someone else to bless them. 

3.  The Upper Room Disciplines: Another plan is based on the Common Lectionary Bible Reading Scriptures and is available for reading online or purchasing in print at

4.  Other Daily Devotionals:  Any devotional that gets you into God’s Word and that you will use is great!  YouVersion Bible App has many options that may be read online, and “Jesus Calling” is another great resource, along with many others.

Do you have a prayer request? Call the church office at 256-586-5792 or go to 
In order to keep our prayer list up to date we have started over since it is a new year. If you would like to add someone, please complete the connect card in the pews, call the church office (256-586-5792) or email the church office at
Health and Healing
Lesa Bellin, Susan Benefield, Nel Brock, Barbara Denton, Russell Denton, Jim Fredette, Megan Hamilton, Jeff Hestley, Faith Howell,  Barbara James, Virginia Moon, Steven McNeal, Sally Reed, Betty Schmidt, Heather Stewart, Roy & Patricia Sullivan, and Earl Taylor
Jan 3    Seth & Angie Bell
Jan 4   Jimmy & Cathy Golden

Jan 2    Joanie Reynolds, Anna Frances Taffar
Jan 3    Garrett Talbot
Jan 4    Brent Shedd, Tim Guthrie
Jan 5    Jackson Liebner, Jennifer Talbot, Sam Tankersley
Jan 6    Dianne Cook
Jan 8    Bruce Biggard
In honor of our church family with prayers for a healthy and happy 2022
By: Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Clark, Frank and John Winston
Giving, Worship & Small Group Attendance for Week – December 26
Small Groups ~ Adults – 48 ~ Youth – 6 ~ Children – 12
Worship ~ In-person – 146 & Online/Radio – 99
                        General Fund        Building Fund 
Received         $ 17,158.71          $ 1,703.39
Year to Date   $ 605,796.70        $ 102,643.51  
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