Adult Ministries

Arab First UMC provides Sunday School classes for all ages to aid spiritual growth in Christ through Bible study and interaction with others. Theses classes welcome everyone and strive to create a holy and comfortable atmosphere to grow in Christ, to read and study his Word, and to face the work week with a thankful heart.  Pathfinders meet at 8:45 am on Sunday mornings; all other adult Sunday School classes meet at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings.


Room 120

This class is open to women of all ages. The leader is Nancy Stewart and the location is room 120. Various Bible studies as well as book studies are
used. The class is an eclectic group of Christian women who love the Lord and want to learn and share with each other! They have “Prayer Partners” much like Secret Pals. Every age group of women is represented in this class; it makes for some very lively conversations to say the least! This group cares for one another and constantly strives to lift each other up.


Storage Building/Room 119

The Hope Class current studies is driven weekly by the nudging of the Holy Spirit.  Even though we believe we can (and should) always be joyful in the Lord; we also believe “life” is inevitable — whether it be good or bad.  As such, we trust the best way to extract hope from life events is to juxtapose Scriptures as tools to persevere and navigate our daily walk in Christian faith.

The Hope Class is full of dynamic group discussions that link current events to appropriate Scripture; which in turn sparks stimulating class discussion and keeps us focused on what is important — our faith to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Class meets on Sunday mornings at the storage building with leader Randy Tucker. 


Room 121

A class for adults desiring a deeper understanding of the Bible, this class has a rotating cadre of Bible teachers (Teresa Hughes, Gordon Holley, Mary Holley, and Chip Maurer), and uses the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study. In addition to Bible study and prayer support, the class sings hymns with piano accompaniment, enjoys good spirited fellowship, and supports a variety of mission projects. The class meets in room 112 on Sunday mornings. The facilitators of this class are seasoned Bible instructors who enjoy digging deeply into scripture as they teach and lead discussion about topics that have timely application for living as a Christian in today’s world.


Room 125

This is a class for older adults that meets in room 125. Don Chafin serves as the class president and Chip Maurer leads the class. They use the Standard Quarterly and other resources to further the exploration of God’s Word. Class members support each other both in and outside of the classroom, finding ways to fellowship and grow closer as they grow in their faith. The mission outreach of the class started as support of the United Methodist Children’s Home and has evolved into also supporting other local missions for younger folks such as Blessings, Christmas and Beyond, Discovery/Encounter, and support of the Arab City School System to help children with school supplies and other needs.


Scout Hut

Beyond Contemporary meets on Sunday mornings at the Scout Hut (former youth house) and is facilitated by Shannon Hill. The class is open to all people, any age! Members range in age from late 20’s to grandparent age, singles to married couples, empty nesters to those with a full house. This multi-generational group enjoys current events, has prayer time, focuses on DVD/discussion lessons, and is mission minded. The class members are supportive of each other, of the church family, of the community, and of God’s world.


Room 124

This class meets Sunday mornings in room 124 with Melisa Stone serving as leader. The class is open to adults of all ages, with members ranging from 25 to 70 years of age, married and unmarried, with and without kids. The blend of generations and backgrounds is awesome! There is prayer, fellowship, and contemporary topical studies during their Sunday morning time.


Zoom/Room 118

This class meets Sunday mornings on Zoom. When they meet in person it will be in room 118. Debby Heidt is serving as leader. The class is open to adults of all ages, with members ranging from 25 to 70 years of age, married and unmarried, with and without kids. The blend of generations and backgrounds is awesome! There is prayer, fellowship, and contemporary topical studies during their Sunday morning time.


Room 125

This class meets Sunday mornings at 10AM. Chip Maurer is serving as leader. The class is open to adults of all ages. This class will follow the 5 Day Bible Plan. 


Wanting to Grow in Freedom in Christ?   Freedom is an ongoing act of God’s sanctifying grace in our life after we are saved and will continue to greater and greater degrees until stand before the Lord.   If you are interested and able to intentionally grow in freedom this Spring I am going to offer a seven-session Freedom small group on Sunday evenings, 6-7:30 pm, beginning Sunday, April 11, at the parsonage.  We will conclude our sessions by May 23.  

The resource we will be reading and discussing is a book titled, “Kill the Spider,” by Carlos Whitaker.  We have purchased books and they are in the church office to be picked up and purchased at the cost to you of $7.  You can pay for your book when you pick it up at the office, or put it in the Sunday offering earmarked “Freedom Book”.  The church is helping pay for the remainder of the cost of your book.

We will intentionally keep the group small so please let Pastor Todd know ( if you have questions and if you plan to participate in the “Kill the Spider” Freedom Small Group and that you will be going by the office to claim your book so we can save your spot.


Join Nancy Stewart on Tuesday mornings at for her Women's Study 10AM in person in the children's area upstairs or on Zoom. They are currently studying Grace is Greater. 




Adult Ministry at Arab First United Methodist Church offers a variety of programs that nurture spiritual growth as well as promote fellowship. We encourage you to share in the planned activities aimed at meeting the needs of our church family as well as extending God’s love to the community.


The purpose of this ministry is to show a “welcoming spirit” to first time visitors.  An Arab First UMC mug is personally delivered to the visitor’s home.


Members prayfully knit or crochet shawls that are then blessed by our entire church family during worship services on a given Sunday before given to those in need of prayer and encouragement.


Our senior adults meet the third Thursday of each month for fun and fellowship.  A planning committee works to provide a variety of events and/or one day trips.  Meetings vary from day time to evenings.


All men are invited and encouraged to be a part of the United Methodist Men, which does various projects throughout the year such as cookouts using our portable grilling trailer, organizing Room in the Inn, local mission work through Habitat for Humanity, the annual Dragon Boat Race in Guntersville, an annual appreciation meal for the police department or city employees, and helping with projects for the needy and the elderly.  A men’s groups also meet regularly for Wednesday night study.


Methodist Women support spiritual fellowship and networking of women and reaches out to others through both local missions and global missions. Whether a women’s Sunday School class, a Wednesday night small group, a Thursday morning women’s study, or a monthly circle meeting, there are multiple opportunities for women to gather and grow as individuals and as women of God. There are five women’s circles that meet monthly at a variety of morning and evening times on various days of the week. A schedule of individual circle meetings is available in the church office.