Valeria Breen

Valeria Breen is very gifted at taking caring of business. She does a fantastic job so everyone else can relax. She has been the Arab First UMC Business Manager since July of 2011.

She and her husband Harold are happily married and have two wonderful daughters. Her oldest daughter Erica graduated from college and is on her own in Birmingham, and her youngest daughter Anna-Marie is a student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (as of 2014). The family moved to Arab and joined Arab First UMC in 1994.

Valeria handles the book keeping, payroll, bill payment, and paperwork for the church, working with the treasurer and financial secretary . In addition to her duties as part-time Business Manager, she volunteers in the church as the treasurer of the United Methodist Women and treasurer of Circle 7.

Did you know …

Valeria is pronounced in a way that rhymes with “gallery,” not the Galleria. She and her husband Harold watch way to much HGTV. The two of them always have a DIY (do-it-yourself) house project going on. They’ve changed most everything about the house they moved into 3 years ago, including the staircase. Interestingly, Harold went to Grissom High School with Pastor Steve.

To get some tips on remodeling, or to talk about business matters of Arab First UMC, call Valeria at 256-586-5792 or email her at Don’t you love her email address?