Terry Zakrzewski

Everybody calls her “Terry Z” and this is definitely a person you want to get to know at Arab First UMC.

Terry serves as our Kitchen Manager, which means that she keeps the kitchen bustling with the wonderful ministry of hospitality on Wednesday nights and for other special occasions in the life of the church. She also keeps the kitchen stocked and cleaned, and she coordinates providing care meals for grieving families. She has a wonderful crew of volunteers who help her on a rotating basis.

Terry was born in Denver, Colorado and lived for years in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the “home of the frontier days.” She has been here in Arab for 13 years, after spending some time in South Dakota in newspaper management for the “Argus Leader”. She and her husband Todd have been married for 18 years. She has three kids and seven grandchildren, whom she dearly loves.

Terry loves to cook (that’s a surprise). She says it’s “the way my grandma raised me.” We love reaping the benefit of her creative cooking and planning. It makes Wednesday nights wonderful.

In her spare time, she says she enjoys WATCHING people fish. She crafts, including woodcraft, scrap booking, and sewing. When asked if she has a closet for all her supplies, she said “no. I have a ROOM.”

Did you know …

One of the unusual facts about Terry Z. is that she worked for an aviary company (that’s a company that makes wood enclosures for birds that are provided for nursing homes, schools, and libraries). She did customer service. It was “for the birds.”

She says “There is a bird called an orange weaver. It is a beautiful bird. He will build a two-story nest, then will call his female companion to come examine it. If she does not like it, he will tear it up and start over. This happens when he’s mating and trying to impress her. MEN, TAKE NOTE!”

To find out more about birds, ask what she has in her supply room, or to enjoy a scrumptious meal at the church, contact Terry Z. by leaving her a message at the office at 256-586-5792 or emailing her at tzakrzewski1@yahoo.com.