Misha Ralph

Misha is a very important part of making Arab First UMC a place of hospitality and welcome. She keeps the place tidy and ready for guests and church families alike.

Misha grew up in Cullman County, in the town of Fairview. She has been married to Henry for 45 years. He helps her out from time to time and unlocks the church on Sunday mornings. They are proud to have four grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Oh yeah, they also have two sons.

Did you know …

Besides family, Misha’s biggest love is animals. They have six dogs, two cats, and three horses. These numbers can change at any moment. She remarked “if a stray comes along, they know where they can find a home.”

Green is her favorite color. That makes total sense since she uses all kinds of cleaning products..

To let Misha know of any special needs, or to drop off a stray cat, call the church office at 256-586-5792 and leave a message for her.