Arab First UMC offers an extensive set of choral and instrumental activities for adults, youth, and children. Worship includes a variety of musical styles and utilizes choirs, soloists, Praise Band, handbells, and other instrumental groups as well as creative movement and visual art. Everyone is encouraged to find a place in music and arts ministries!

Our gifted Praise Band leads God’s people in worship weekly at the 9:30 contemporary service, which is held in the church sanctuary. The lighting is changed and contemporary visuals and sounds draw us closer to Christ. The youth participate actively, leading God’s people with drama, movement, and music on a regular basis.

Our talented Chancel Choir leads in congregational song and musical offerings weekly at the 10:55 traditional service. Rehearsals are on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm and all are welcome. One of the highlights each year is the annual Christmas cantata, involving the talents of an orchestra. The cantata is an outreach event for the whole community.

Our Handbell Choir shares their gifts regularly in worship, with a special place under the window set aside just for their ministry. Children meet on Wednesday nights and many of their activities are related to music and the arts, with handbells, signing, “God Rods”, puppets, and children’s choir. The children practice for the Christmas Program and the Spring program. For more information on being involved with children’s music and arts, see the Children’s Ministry page.

We have people in staff leadership that are ready to get you involved in music and the arts. Contact one of our Creative Arts Directors to get plugged in.

For up-to-date information on events related to music and arts at Arab First UMC, see our Connecting Points and Newsletter.

See the Choir Website for updates and shared files from our choir director.


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