Accessibility Ministries

Assistance helps to more fully enjoy the worship service and other ministry opportunities at Arab First United Methodist Church.


Assistive listening devices to be used during worship service (available at the sound board in the sanctuary)

Service is audible in the narthex and church office (for those that want to get up to move or have coughing spells or have small children, etc.)


Large print Bibles + large print hymnals (available at hospitality desk)


First aid kit (available at hospitality desk and at church office and in downstairs kitchen)

AED = automatic electrical defibrillator (available at hospitality desk and in lower level by kitchen)


Fragrance free zone (in sanctuary, front right pews)


Wheelchairs (available at building entrances)

Elevator (located on south or nursery hallway)

Handicap bathroom stalls in all bathrooms

Elevated toilet seat in upstairs women’s bathroom

Infant changing tables in nursery, lower level bathrooms, and upstairs women’s bathroom


Nursery (located on main floor on south side of building; from sanctuary, exit through doors on left)

Gliders/rockers (available at back corners of sanctuary and in narthex)


Blankets for warmth (available at hospitality desk)