Connecting Points – July 30, 2017

Random Act of Kindness Cards – Pick up a card every week from a display in our gathering areas. Use it to share the love of Christ in a surprising, creative, and unexpected way!

Need Prayer? – If you would like our local prayer team to be in prayer for a concern, fill out the Prayer Request card found in each pew, call the church office, or enter your request on the AFUMC website. The number for the Upper Room Prayer Line is 1-800-251-2468. This is staffed 24/7 so you can pray with someone any time of day.

Welcoming Pot-Luck Gathering Tonight for Seth Guthrie – There will be a welcoming pot-luck gathering for our new youth director, Seth Guthrie and his wife Jennifer tonight from 6:00 – 7:00 at the youth house. Drinks will be provided.

Backpack Blessing – Next Sunday, August 6th, we will have a special morning of blessing our students and educators as we go back to school. All teachers and staff (from any school system) will be recognized in our worship services. Make plans to come and be prayed for! All students are invited to bring their backpacks and lay them at the altar as part of the blessing service.

Wednesday Night Dinners will Resume on August 16th – August 16, 2017 we will resume our Wednesday night dinners. Meal tickets will be available again this year, since they were a great success. You can purchase them in the office or on Wednesday nights in the kitchen. This year we will offer 20 adult meals for $110.00, 10 adult meals for $60.00 and 10 child meals for $40.00. Once you purchase your ticket, we date it and keep it in the kitchen for you. When your ticket is finished we give it to you so that you may purchase another one. When you come through the line for dinner, just let Terry Z. know how many people are eating, so she can mark them off.  This makes dinner more convenient for you instead of keeping up with cash and checks.  Thank you and we look forward to a great year!

Volunteer to be a Greeter or Usher – Would you like visitors and new members to think “That’s such a friendly church!” when they leave our Sunday services? Would you like to be a part of welcoming others to our church? Do you have a willingness to smile, be friendly to others, and get involved on a Sunday morning? Then we would love for you to become one of our Greeters or Ushers! This ministry requires a commitment of only one Sunday a month and we’re revamping this area for our church. A welcoming, loving church is part of the foundation of a healthy church and it needs members like YOU!! This is also a great ministry for families to do together! If you’re willing to serve as a Greeter or Usher one Sunday a month, please see Leslie Smith (256-506-6809), Cynthia Traylor (256-506-6809), Jami Russell (256-348-1325 or, or let the church office know. We plan on having a short training session in August for those involved, so please plan on volunteering soon. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this special ministry.

Fellowship Hall Closed for Stripping & Waxing Floors – The Fellowship Hall will be closed from 6:00 pm today through Saturday, August 5th, so the floors can be stripped and waxed. Please avoid the fellowship hall during this time. Thank you!

Threat Awareness Workshop, August 20! – Steve Skeen, one of our church members, is a well-known expert and workshop leader, for churches and other organizations in threat awareness. What would we do here if there were a fire? A tornado? An active shooter situation? Everyone is invited to come to this 2-hour workshop. It is especially helpful for staff greeters, ushers, Sunday School teachers, etc. but everyone can benefit. This workshop is offered free (he usually does this for a living) and is on Sunday, August 20, at 5:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall.

Prayer Retreat Planned for Upper Room in Nashville Here’s your opportunity to see the renowned life-size wood carving of the Last Supper, walk through serene gardens, and spend time in the “Alone with God” prayer room! You can do these things and more on our two-day prayer retreat in one of the most reverent locations in the country. Our Prayer Team will host this retreat at the Upper Room in Nashville, September 21 & 22. We will spend one night in the newly remodeled Scarritt-Bennett accommodations adjacent to the Upper Room. We will take the church van as well as private vehicles. For more information contact Pastor Steve or Nancy Stewart.

Operation Christmas Child – For the month of July, we are asking members to focus on bringing school supplies. Just drop your donations in the marked boxes.

JAAM Information – JAAM begins August 16 for the 2017-2018 year.  Please be sure to complete a registration for your child if they are interested in participating.  Registrations forms are located in the office, on the sign-up table and outside the Children’s Director Office.

Update from Jennifer SaundersOn August 4th, I will be leaving for Greece to work with refugees for the next three months.  I will be working at the Kara Tepe refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos in the east Aegean Sea. Lesvos is a small island, with a local population of 100,000.  Because it is so close to Turkey, many refugees cross the Aegean in boats trying to reach the island. Hundreds of refugees, including children, have drowned in these crossings.  Not long ago, crossings were so numerous, the island was receiving 10,000 refugees a day. Most of them are from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  They are fleeing war, persecution, and terrorism.  Many of them have been separated from their families and have no hope of seeing them again.

Kara Tepe is an “overflow” camp.  It is designed to house the most vulnerable refugees; the elderly, the sick, and children.  Because of this, it is the only camp on the island run by the local municipality, Mtyilene, and not under military control.  There are approximately 700 refugees living in Kara Tepe.  They live with uncertainty about the future, since many European countries have closed their borders to refugees.

I have been asked to work with the children in the camp.  Many of these children are orphans, having lost their parents during the escape from their home countries.  Most of them have no idea what their future will be.  During my three months with them, I hope to come to know how I can help them have a secure future, with a real home.  Children should not grow up in tents.

July 30th      Mark & Kim Holmes

Aug 1st        Bill & Joy Privett

Aug 2nd       Mitch & Melisa Stone

Aug 3rd       Robert & Lucille Whitney

Aug 4th       John & Margaret Larkin

July 30th      Blake Smalley and Jathan Stisher

July 31st      Judith Crawford, Rose Freeman, Tommy Prestridge, and Billy Stricklend III

Aug 1st        Hunter Moore, Alec Russell, Jesse Shelton, Mary Shumate, and Allison Smalley

Aug 2nd       Elisa Brasseale, Linda Grizzard, Scott Nixon, and Elizabeth Shedd

Aug 3rd       Brianne Lowery, Susan Sutton, Benjamin Tallent, and  Johnny Tidmore

Aug 4th       Jay Ballard


If you would like to add someone to the Health and Healing list or Cancer Treatment list please complete the prayer cards in the pews, call the Church Office (256-586-5792), or email the Church Office at


Cancer Treatment

Jennifer Brown, Greg Burkhead, Jaycee-Jayne Caldwell, Becky Deese (sister of Elise Brasseale), Nancy Ellsworth, Tim Guthrie, Caroline Hestley, Joan Howard, Ruth Klein, Hank Linsky, Sandy Martin, Robert Millard, Joseph Morris, Aaron Oberle, Margaret Peterson, Shirley Scott (David Russell’s sister), Allen Tant, and Anna Beth Whitehorn

Health and Healing

Autumn Alexander, Roy Bryant, Beth & George Burks, Haley Casey, David Clokey, Pam Cooper, Tim Cragg, Dianne Creel, Ron Gonia, John Handley, Neva Hestley, Caroline Hinds, Sherria Isom, Lisa King, Christa Martin, Patricia McDowell, Bert Morris, Alice Schmidt, Bruce Taylor, Dian Taylor, Linda Thompson, and Avery Tincher


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