Connecting Points – June 11, 2017

Random Act of Kindness Cards – Pick up a card every week from a display in our gathering areas. Use it to share the love of Christ in a surprising, creative, and unexpected way!

Need Prayer? – If you would like our local prayer team to be in prayer for a concern, contact us by one of three ways – fill out the Prayer Request card found in each pew, call the church office, or enter your request on the AFUMC website. The phone number for the Upper Room Prayer Line is 1-800-251-2468. This line is staffed 24/7 and gives you an opportunity to pray with someone, no matter the time of day.

VBS Work Session – There will be a Vacation Bible School work session on Wednesday, June 14th at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

District Prayer Worship & Time – Our District Superintendent Tom Parrish, invites you to a district-wide prayer meeting on Tuesday, June 20th at 6:30 p.m. at the AFUMC Sanctuary. This will be a time to gather and pray for our people, our churches, our denomination and our country. Tom says, “I believe God is waiting for us to ask for His grace and love to be poured out across our conference and our world. No one will be asked to pray out loud and there will be some wonderful worship music. There will be a time for individuals to be prayed for as well. Everyone is welcome…members and non-members alike!”

Ghana Mission Team Meeting – The first Ghana Mission team meeting for the planned December 2017 trip will be on June 25th at 5:30 in the fellowship hall.  If you are interested in going on this year’s trip you should attend this meeting. There’s no commitment by coming – come and find out more!

Reach out to others by volunteering at the UMCOR Disaster Warehouse on Wednesday, June 28!  – We are seeking folks of all ages and all abilities to join us.  Whether you can wiggle a finger or clap your hands, tap your toes or dance a jig…join us as there are things to do for one and all.  We will meet at the church at 8:00 am, do volunteer work at the UMCOR Disaster Warehouse in Decatur until lunch, and eat in Decatur before returning home.  The contact person is Dawn Liebner.

Prayer Team Meeting & Prayer Bead Session – There will be a prayer team meeting on June 28th at 6:30 p.m. followed by a prayer bead session at 7:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to come make prayer beads!

The Walk to Emmaus Updating – Have you ever gone on an Emmaus walk?  If so, please notify the church office as a current list of participants is being generated.  (In particular, we are looking for those that have gone on walks in 2015, 2016, and 2017 to update our records.)  Thank you!

New Youth Space Opening Soon! – Our youth are incredibly important to our church and we are committed to provide them room to grow between now and a future building project! In June, we are redesigning the interior of the existing storage building on the back of our property (near the youth house) so it can help accommodate our expanding youth program. The youth group will for the first time have a large gathering place for worship, games, and activities. Lighting is being installed, emergency exit signs are being put up, storage is being consolidated to the side walls and covered by curtains, and a stage with new sound equipment and lighting is being set up.

Operation Christmas Child – For the month of June, we are asking members to focus on bringing accessories. Just drop your donations in the marked boxes.

“Embracing Grace” Bible Study – Looking for a study group that challenges you to learn while also focuses on incorporating God’s word into everyday life? We have a class for you! The Thursday morning Women’s Bible study will start a new summer session beginning on June 15th. We will be studying internationally-known author, Liz Curtis Higgs’ book, “Embracing Grace”. Higgs has the ability to bring any topic to life and this book is no exception. She teaches us to let go of guilt, fear and regret by turning to God. Come join us at 10:00 a.m. every Thursday in classroom 101 for refreshments and lively conversation. We look forward to you joining us on June 15th! Nancy Stewart will be leading this study and if you have any questions please contact her directly at 256/586-0351.

Change in Sunday Schedule for Fifth Sunday Praise Gatherings! Our Church Council would like to try “Fifth Sunday Praise Gatherings” approximately once a quarter (when there is a fifth Sunday in the month). On fifth Sundays, the idea is to have a joint Sunday School session at 9:00 a.m. and a joint worship service at 10:00 a.m. (a combined service for the people of all three services), with a pot-luck lunch afterward at 11:15 a.m. for the whole church family. The first one will be in July!



June 11th      Liles Burke, Christopher Frazier, John Campbell Garthwaite, and Charles Liebner

June 12th      David Bradford, David Russell, Jackie Smalley, Nate Teston, Laura Upton and Logan Walters

June 14th      David Anderson, Michael Eskridge, Tara Helms, Willie Hipp, and Orby Shedd

June 15th      Megan Culler, Barbara Jane Hall, John Ingram, Chasity Kelley, Addison Landry, and Addyson Lurenz

June 16th      Mark Ferguson, Judd Holmes, Meagan Ryder, and Bill Stebbins

June 17th      Lauren Farmer and Lane Franklin



June 12th    Paul & Heather Tallent, Todd & Terry Zakrzewski

June 13th    David & Tammy Anderson

June 14th    Mark & Kirsten Ferguson, David & Maggie Hall

June 16th    Joe & Martha Handschumacher, Daniel & Gail Lueker

June 17th    Naven & Janey Knutson, Sammy & Marselle Waldrop


If you would like to add someone to the Health and Healing list or Cancer Treatment list please complete the prayer cards in the pews, call the Church Office (256-586-5792), or email the Church Office at



Cancer Treatment

Nikki Barry, Jennifer Brown, Greg Burkhead, Jaycee-Jayne Caldwell, Becky Deese (sister of Elise Brasseale), Nancy Ellsworth, Tim Guthrie, Caroline Hestley, Billy Hinds, Joan Howard, Hank Linsky, Sandy Martin, Robert Millard, Joseph Morris, Aaron Oberle, Margaret Peterson, Jeff Stebbins, and Anna Beth Whitehorn

Health and Healing

Autumn Alexander, Brenda Allbritten, Roy Bryant, Beth & George Burks, Haley Casey, Pam Cooper, Dianne Creel, John Decker, Ron Gonia, John Handley, Caroline Hinds, Sherria Isom, Lee Mazur, Patricia McDowell, Dana McMahan, Alice Schmidt, Bruce Taylor, Dian Taylor,  and Avery Tincher


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