Youth – White Water Rafting

camp fire

“Campfire on our last night at White Water Express. Lee bought over 50 candles, one for each person there, and handed them out. Some were small birthday candles, some taper candles, some short pillar candles, and some the long pink ribbon candles. He lit our senior leader, Jack’s, candle and had him light the fire of others. He then came over and lit some of the sixth grader’s candles and had them light others. We spread the fire around until everyone’s fire was lit. We then lit the campfire to represent Arab and the fire we want to light in the community. The candles you see still lit were to represent how some fires are short lived and burn out quickly (the birthday candles), some can burn you and put out your own fire (the tea light citronella candles), and some stay lit longer than others (the pillar and taper and ribbon candles). It was an awesome Bible Study!!! Thanks Lee!” –Jennifer Arrington-
“Just wanted to thank you for making Chloe so welcome in the Youth Group. She had a wonderful time this weekend and loves being part of it all! I hope you are feeling better and not too bruised! Have a great week!” -Amy Roy-
“Just wanted to say thanks for the rafting trip. The scouts have never been included and I know it made our parents feel good. I loved the fireside fellowship. You are awesome.” –Renee Winslet-


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